Level II Course- Intro June 29 – July 1, 2017

Starting at the end of this month, a new Level II Formation Course will be offered.  We begin with a three day intro to Level II and will schedule 3 additional days in 2017. A five day course will be scheduled for the summer of 2018 for part II of Level II.
Level II focuses on the 6-9 year-old child. This course, like all formation courses, will help you prepare to give the presentations (the lessons) to children, provides a solid background in the theological understandings of this work, assists you in preparing your album (collection of presentations), introduces concept of the prepared environment – the atrium, and finally guides you in making the handmade materials used for the children’s work.

11 Days, 2017-2018
2017: June 29, June 30, July 1; TBD – 3 other Days
2018: TBD – 5 Days ( Participant input will be solicited on these dates)
Course location:

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
7 Faulkner St. Ayer, MA 01432-1698

St. Andrew’s website

To register and further information, please contact the course instructor, Rev. Joyce Scherer-Hoock  at  JLSHoock@gmail.com