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Formation Training

Formation Course are offered at three levels in the CGS program. The Foundation Course is the Level I Course which includes CGS’s roots in the Montessori method, the developmental needs and gift of the young child, and setting up an running a CGS environment for children ages 3-6. Level II training covers this above for children ages 6-9. Finally, Level III training is environment where the children range in age 9 to 12.

Each course consists of about 90 hours of training, divided between reading, in class work and observation. These hours are spread over several months – usually one Saturday per month.  However, it is not necessary to complete a whole course before beginning CGS in your parish. The amount of material taught in a course covers the full 3-year cycle of the level. Please use one of the links in the course descriptions below for more information about the course, including dates and cost.

For other information about taking a Formation course (including taking “part-time” options), please go to our ‘Course Info and Policies’ page.

For further information, you may contact the The Guild.

Level I Courses:

A new Formation class starts on Saturday, October 19 until December 13, 2025 at Trinity Episcopal Church, Randolph, MA.   There will be 12 classes in total.   Click here to view the course brochure, which contains more information, specific dates classes are scheduled for, and also a way to register.  The course instructor is Carol Godfrey; you may contact her via email at

Level II Courses:

No Level II Formation course is scheduled at this time.  Contact the Guild if you are interested in attending an upcoming course.

Level III Courses

No Level III Formation course is scheduled at this time. Contact the Guild if you are interested in attending an upcoming course.