Recent Events

October 2015 The second session of the Level II Mini Course was at St. Andrew’s Church in Ayer, MA and covered Salvation History.
September 2015 Atrium Assistant Training workshop was offered at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Bedford MA.
June 2015 The first of five sessions for the Level II Mini Course covered Introductory Materials. It was held at Christ Church, Hamilton MA.
January 2015 We held another Atrium Assistant Training workshop in Lexington MA.
October 2014 An Atrium Assistant Training workshop was offered in Lexington MA at the Church of our Redeemer.
August 2014 We held 2 different Ice Cream Socials at some of our favorite ice cream stands. These were held at Bedford Farms Ice Cream in Bedford MA and White Farms Ice Cream in Ipswich MA.
Summer 2014 Christ Church in Hamilton MA offered Materials Making workshops on selected Wednesday mornings during the summer. It was a change to come have fun, and share ideas with each other while creating new materials for our atriums.
January 2014 Another Atrium Assistant Training workshop happened at the Church of our Redeemer, Lexington, MA. This workshop helped everyone prepare to assist in an atrium by going over the basics of CGS, and experiencing first-hand the atrium as being a sacred space.
September 2013 Atrium Assistant Training workshop took place
at the Church of our Redeemer, Lexington, MA with about 20 participants.
August 2013 The Gifts Strip Modeling Workshop was held at
Christ Church in South Hamilton, MA for 3 consecutive Wednesdays. Several people took advantage of the workshops and had beautiful Gifts Strip material as a result.

Another workshop, a City of Jerusalem Workshop took place at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Ayer, MA. It was to make this 3D material that most children seem intrigued by.

July 2013 Bridge to Level III Class was held at St. Anne’s in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, Lincoln MA.

Rev. Joyce Scherer-Hoock and Diane Barry led this class which helps parishes that have a Level II atrium and who find themselves needing/ready for Level III. A few of the topics covered were:

  • A brief overview of Level III
  • The Plan of God, The History of the Jewish People, and The Maxims
  • Materials common to Levels II and III
  • Setting up an Level III atrium
May 2013 Seeing it was May, we again offered another Introduction to CGS workshop. This time it was held at Christ Church in Andover, MA. Besides a general overview and answering any questions participants had, several presentations and atrium basics were shown. Those who attended thought it was a good and informative time.
Jan. 2013 There was an Assistant Atrium Training session held at the Church of our Redeemer, Lexington, MA. Over 15 people participated in the workshop, and thought that it was quite helpful.
July 2012 Material Making Workshop A workshop to make the Level I Raised Surface was held at The Parish of Christ Church, Andover, MA. We had a good example of the map and led participants in step by step directions. We required participants to bring their own materials from the materials list that was provided.
May 2012 An introductory workshop took place at St. Mary of the Hills Milton, MA. During this workshop a general overview of the CGS program was presented along with a question and answer session, and of course several CGS presentations, some of which were The Altar I (one), The Holy Bible, and the Good Shepherd, where we learn Jesus knows us all by name. A nice luncheon was also served.
October 2011 The Guild participated in the Congregational Resource Day for the Episcopal Diocese of MA at Bentley University, Waltham, MA. We held a workshop entitled, Helping Children Fall in Love with Jesus, in which we discussed
how can we equip our children to have the depth to become joyful adults who love God and have the spiritual resources to get through the good and the bad of life.
September 2011 The Guild had Atrium Assistant Training at Church of Our Redeemer, Lexington, MA.
May 2011 Once again we offered an introductory workshop about the CGS program, which was held on at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Beverly, MA. The hope was to give an informative overview of what CGS has to offer not only children, but for us adults as well.
March 2011 A Lenten Retreat for Catechists (and for adults interested in CGS) was held at Church of Our Redeemer, Lexington, MA. The retreat offered spiritual refreshment for those who work with children, and time to renew joy in that ministry. There are hopes to offer this again sometime in the future.
September 2010 Atrium Assistant Training was held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Newburyport. This overview offered an in-depth introduction to the materials and methods of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. This day’s training prepared those interested in becoming better assistants in the atrium.
May 2010 What is The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd? – A Day to Come and See

This workshop gave people the opportunity to see and observe how the Catechesis program helps spiritual formation for children as well as adults.

April 2009 Another workshop, Atrium Assistant Training, was offered. It was a day- long overview and in-depth introduction to the materials and methods of The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. It’s purpose, of course, was to prepare people to better assist in the atrium.
March 2009 The workshop, What is The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd?, was held at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Foxborough MA.
May 2008 A Level II Material Making Day was held at the Church of Our Redeemer in Lexington, MA. This allowed those opening a new Level 2 atrium and those parishes with established atria the chance to make materials together. The focus of the workshop was the making of “The Blue Strip’, which helps children (and adults) ponder Salvation History, and ‘The Bible Cabinet’, which – as one would expect – learn about the Bible..
April 2008 The Guild held an introductory workshop entitled,What is the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd? Come and See, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Natick, MA. It allowed the 40 or so participants a chance to hear and see what the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) program is all about. Another one of these introductory events will be held again the the near future.
October 2007 A Figure Making Workshop was held early in the month. It was hosted by Level II Catechist Kate Cabot at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Newburyport, MAIn this workshop, participants could focus on making the following, using these suggestions:

ANGELS: Make sure to order one 2 oz. white block for the body of each angel you intend to make. One 2 oz. metallic gold block should make 3 sets of angels wings, if you prefer your angels to have wings

CENACLE FIGURES: If you are doing your 13 figures all alike, I suggest choosing a neutral robe color (perhaps Sahara, which is tan or dolphin gray, neutral Gary) and contrasting skin tone (cognac or chocolate) with black hair. You could also put them all in white, though they might be hard to keep clean. Since I love color, mine are in a different color for each figure making for a rainbow-colored set!

DONKEY: If you are making your Flight Into Egypt figures, you will need to find a walking donkey before you make your figures so you can scale the figures to fit. You cannot make a donkey out of Fimo which will survive use in the atrium. I suggest looking for the walking donkey made by Safari Farm in plastic, which can be purchased in a
number of educational toy stores or online (They carry it at Our Father’s House among other sites). You will need to bring your donkey with you if you will be making your
Flight Into Egypt figures.

MAGI: If you are making Magi figures, you might want to select three different 2 oz. metallic colors for their sparkling robes and one 2 oz. block of metallic gold for their gifts

MANGER: If you want to make your manger out of Fimo Soft, you might want to try a color called granite for a stone look. Or find a small box– I use the bottom of a matchbox for mine. To insure a proper fit, it is important to have a manger before you make your infant Jesus, though, so plan ahead.

MARY:In the tradition of western art, Mary is most often presented in blue robes. If you want to honor that tradition, my suggestion for Mary’s clothing is brilliant blue.

SHEPHERDS: Shepherds can be made with sheep attached to their bodies as if standing next to them. These hold up much better than sheep which have to stand on their own legs. All that is needed for this is about 1 oz. white. The doves that Joseph brings with him to the Presentation At The Temple can be made with the same method and they don’t ever get lost!

April 2006 A Guild of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Retreat was led by the Rt. Rev. M. Thomas Shaw at the Barbara C. Harris Camp and Conference Center, Greenfield, NH. Catechists of all levels were invited to explore the mysteries of the Miracles (of Christ) and those of the Christian Virtues. (These are relatively new works for the Level III atrium.) There were over 20 individuals who attended the retreat from throughout the area.
Summer 2005 A Materials Making Day was held on two Saturdays during the summer months at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Saugus MA. This year the most popular material was the making of the City of Jerusalem. Several Israel Puzzle maps were also made. St. John’s was a great host by providing a delicious homemade lunch!
May 2005 The Guild cosponsored a seminar entitled “Offering the Gospel to Children”. It featured children’s missioner and educator, Gretchen Wolff Pritchard, and was held at Christ Church, South Hamilton, MA.
October 2004 A workshop entitled, “The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd in Urban Parishes”, was held at Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston in the beginning of the month. It explored the joys and challenges of offering this internationally acclaimed Montesorri-based approach to the spiritual formation of children and the adults who work with them for – as the workshop’s title would suggest -urban churches.
September 2004 A brief information session and meditation on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program was part of the Merrimack Valley Deanery Workshop Parish Action meeting at All Saints’ Church, Chelmsford.

A Level II formation class started at Trinity Church in Topsfield, MA.

June 2004 The Guild for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) held a workshop that focused on the making of a topical relief map of Jerusalem.
January 2004 The Guild hosted a workshop on setting up and operating the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. It was an opportunity for parishes that have contemplated setting up church school atriums in the past, but have, for whatever reason, not done so. The workshop was also focused on issues for churches that have recently begun atriums, but may be struggling with presentations and associated materials.
July 2003

The Guild held its first summer camp for Catechists! All right, so it was a materials workshop. Anyway, Catechists were able to get together and make needed materials at Church of Our Redeemer in Lexington during the first week in July. There was wood, paints, sculpey, paper and the like to make Level I and Level II materials

March 2003

A workshop, “Bringing Adults into the Shepherd’s Fold”. was held from 2-4 PM at the Church of Our Redeemer (6 Maria St., Lexington, MA). The workshop focused on parents and how they could grow and sustain Atrium communities.

Nov. 2002 A workshop, “Singing with Children in the Atrium” was held at Grace Episcopal in Newton.
The workshop covered songs from the recently released song book, ‘Sing with Joy’. The workshop was led by two individuals from All Saints Episcopal Church in West Newbury. Both are experienced in leading children in singing, with joy and musicality.
April 2002

There was a materials workshop at the Church of our Redeemer, Lexington. The focus of the workshop was for Level I and Level II materials.

For Level I, there were materials to make the Good Shepherd as well as the Relief Map.

For Level II, the ribbon for the Fettuccia was assembled. There was also the opportunity to create the Blue Strip.