Course Info and Policies

The following lists general information and policies related to Formation courses.

“Full-time” Course Info:

  • Unless otherwise noted, all checks are made payable to
    Guild of the Good Shepherd‘.
  • There is no charge for auditing a class. To do so, you must have completed the course level and have a certificate of completion along with the approval of the course’s formation leader.
  • There is a $75 nonrefundable*, registration fee when you register for a course; this amount will be applied toward tuition. (*If a course is cancelled then this fee will be refunded.)
  • Half of tuition balance is due at the first class and it is nonrefundable after the first class is completed.
  • The remaining balance is due before the course is half over.
  • Make-ups for missed classes are $25 per class and payable prior to the class. You must notify the course coordinator before you attend.

Attending “Part-time” Options/Info:

If committing to taking a Formation course via the typical one-Saturday-a-month is overwhelming or impossible for you, try our new “course ticket” or “pay as you go” plan instead.

The “course ticket” allows you to attend five (5) session in a course for $175.00.

Our “pay as you go” plan allows you to register for any single session depending on your need or schedule. The cost is $40 per session.

To participate in these plans, you must:

    1. Be sure that another person from your church or atrium is attending the same course.
    2. Complete a registration form and submit with the initial payment to Guild of the Good Shepherd, 185 Ipswich Rd, Topsfield, MA 01983.
    3. Attend the first session of the course.
    4. Notify the formation leader one week prior to each session you wish to attend for preparation of the space and the materials.
    5. Mail payment at least 10 days prior to the session or bring the payment with a copy of your registration form to the formation leader 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.
    (Please contact the course instructor if any of these requirements are not a fit for you.)

Please note:

  • Space priority is always given to those registered for the entire course.
  • If during a course, you wish to upgrade to the next payment level, your previous payments will be credited toward your new invoice.
  • Please note that the above plans apply to one individual course, while registration in the entire course allows you to attend make-up sessions in a later course at no additional charge.


  • Members from same parish receive discounts as follows: $100 off for second parishioner; $200 off each for three and beyond.
  • Guild encourages you to pursue grants from your parish, and/or your diocese.


  • There is no charge for visiting the first class of a course. Please contact the Guild for further information.